Not a few people choose to travel alone to Marina Bay Sands Singapore has become a popular tourist destination for solo traveling. However, there are several things that you need to prepare carefully before traveling to Merlion Park by yourself, as follows.

Buy Internet Packages

For solo travelers, internet packages are helpful when you are looking for a place. Even if there is a map at a certain point, using Waze or Google Maps tends to be more comfortable.

Adjust the internet package period according to the length of time you are in Singapore. You can get internet packages and SIM cards for travelers. You can get on some travel platforms.

Get to Know about MRT as Public Transportation

There are many ways go to the city in Singapore, one of which is using the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train. You can access the MRT to the city via Changi Airport station, which is in the same location as terminal 3.

You need an access card to ride the MRT, we recommend using an EZ Link or STP card, to make it more practical. While one-way tickets or standard tickets you can get through vending machines located at every MRT station.

If using an EZ Link or STP card, make sure the balance is sufficient for travel expenses. You can top up your balance independently through the available vending machines.

Learn about Maps System

The system map is a floor plan that shows the direction of the fast train line, complete with stopping stations according to the existing line. The five lines on the plan are the east-west line is green, the circle line is yellow, and the north-south line is red.

The other lines are northeast line is purple color and downtown line is the blue color. You can choose a line and search for the nearest station from your destination. Pay attention to the final direction of the relevant train station, and adjust it to the destination location.

Get Your Private Medicine

Deciding to visit marina bay sands or explore other places in Singapore by public transport, you have to walk. You can prepare painkillers to reduce fatigue when walking from one place to another.

Take Some Benefits from Epic Sale

Do you know anything about Epic Sale? It is a promo that has some offers like flights, hotels, and Xperience discounts. Not only discounts, but you can get some vouchers there too. If you take this promo, the cut-price will be up to 80%. Of course, it will help you to get a special price.

Not only safe, but traveling solo in Singapore is also cheap. That is why many people try to take this opportunity. But, there are some important things that you have to know. Traveling to Marina Bay Sands or Singapore alone requires careful preparation and the ability to adapt to any conditions. Solo traveling requires you to be brave, to take care of yourself.